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The Analytics team at MFA has decades of experience advising major corporations around the globe on marketing strategy. We use our cross-functional  expertise in statistics, marketing, advertising, survey  research and finance to address complex business issues via holistic analyses of the marketplace.Our multi-national team  enables us to work effectively in the global environment.This diversity is greatly leveraged within MFA's collaborative structure, and ensures delivery of actionable insight to our clients.


Gloria Rosenberg, Founder and President                      Gloria Rosenberg founded MFA in 1999 on the premise that holistic analysis of consumer behavior is a crucial input into the development of business strategy. She had a goal to establish a new type of marketing consultancy - a service that identifies opportunities for business growth based on the modeling of consumer behavior, with the fusion of market insights and solid business judgment. Her pet peeve is that creativity and intuition are as important in analytics as they are in advertising development.

Under Gloria’s direction, Market Fusion Analytics has become a recognized thought leader in the area of Marketing Analytics with a global presence. Prior to 1999, Gloria held a variety of positions including Forecasting and Planning Manager at Kraft General Foods, Director of Global Research at Reader’s Digest, and Vice-President at IPSOS-ASI. Gloria has presented at major industry conferences and participated in various research councils. She is a recipient of a number of corporate awards and is a four-time winner of the ARF’s David Ogilvy Award. She is a trusted advisor to a number of top level executives of Fortune 100 companies. Gloria holds an M.S. in Econometrics from the University of Economics and Finance in St. Petersburg, Russia and completed her Ph.D studies at the same institution.


Ernesto Cabrera, PhD, Senior Vice President
Ernesto Cabrera has been working in Research Analytics and Econometric Modeling applied to Marketing and Sales since 1998. Being one of a few Mix Modelers with expertise in Latin America, he pioneered modeling applied to marketing in Latin America and the US “Hispanic” population. He developed MFA Latin American Teams and offices and advanced model-based marketing strategy consulting in the region. Ernesto has initiated the development of automated tools that help to support analytical processes at MFA and has led software development teams in the creation of user-friendly marketing tools for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies.

Ernesto has strong expertise in both survey and behavioral research, and has done work in 13 countries in the Americas. Before joining MFA, he was Director of Operations and Research at Ipsos-ASI Latin America, Account Manager at MMA, Senior Analyst at Ipsos-ASI USA, and Project Director at Luntz Research. Ernesto earned his M.A. and Ph.D, at the University of Pittsburgh. He has taught and done academic research at Pittsburgh, México (CIDE), Spain (CIDOB), and Argentina (Universidad de Buenos Aires). He has published articles in scientific journals in Spanish and English, and received Fellowships and Awards from the Univ. of Pittsburgh, and other institutions in Spain, Argentina and the US. Ernesto presented on industry conferences and is a recipient of the ARF’s David Ogilvy award.

Ron Shokes, Senior Vice President of Innovation
Since joining MFA in 2006, Ronald has been a pioneer in expanding the company’s modeling based analytic capabilities, including the conceptualization and development of methods for assessing: attribute based product drivers, SKU rationalization, complex pricing scenarios, and account specific market structure.  Ronald’s mix modeling experience covers a wide range of scopes from individual SKUs and new products, to multi-category models, and he is actively involved in training mix modeling approaches to employees of all levels.  Prior to MFA, Ronald held roles in Cost Forecasting at Wirthlin Worldwide and Consumer Insights at Kraft Foods.  

Ronald holds a B.S. in Finance with Distinction from George Mason University, and an MBA in Marketing/Finance with Distinction from New York University.  He received the Academic Excellence in Finance Award and the Joseph Kolodny Prize for Excellence in Market Research from his undergraduate and graduate institutions respectively.

Alejandro Perelis                                                                    Alejandro Perelis joined MFA in 2005 to open MFA’s office in Buenos Aires. This soon became first venture in Argentina doing Marketing Mix Modeling for Latin America. Further, it was the first in Latin America to offer analytic services at the same level and quality as US based firms.   Alejandro now leads and trains the Buenos Aires  effort, which has since grown to a robust team which continues to handle the full range of analytical responsibilities.

Prior to working with MFA, Alejandro held a variety of positions in FMCG agencies in Argentina including Associate Director in FOCOS. Between 2001 and 2004 he was a Manager in BASES UK.

Alejandro holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires and an MS in Statistics at the same institution. He has also maintained academic positions as both a Professor and Researcher in the University of Buenos Aires. 


Martin Campos
In 2005, Martín Campos joined Alejandro Perelis to help set up activities in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since then, MFA's Latin American office has grown to a ten person analytical team devoted to developing Marketing Mix Modeling and Pricing Studies for business corporations in the whole region.

Prior to 2005, Martín had been involved in Marketing Research and Public Opinion fields as an independent consultant working for several business corporations, political leaders and international organizations (such as International Labor Organization, Interamerican Development Bank & the World Bank).

      Martín holds a degree in Political Science and a M.S. in Economy and Public Policy (Universidad Di Tella, Argentina).

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